The Da Vinci Lip - Rejuvenation for Kissably Full & Soft Lips in time for Valentine's Day

Is the Da Vinci Lip for you? 

The Da Vinci Lip describes the classic lip aesthetic and assigns a numeric value to the proportion of the upper lip to the lower lip, as well as the ideal lip projection. While this has been used for all ethnicities over the years, it turns out that the Da Vinci ideal is best used as a reference and not the gold standard for all who wish to restore their lips to a youthful fullness.

With St. Valentine’s day around the corner, our attention often turns to love, hearts, red roses, rich chocolates and dinner in luxury restaurants with handsome men and beautiful women with gorgeous, soft and supple lips. For women, a well-shaped, pouty, soft pair of lips without lip lines, or feathered lipstick is much coveted.

The dry heat and chill of winter can take a toll on your skin, including your lips, leading to a parched, flaky look that adds to the appearance of flat, deflated lips. Of course you can exfoliate dry skin, moisturize daily, use a sunscreen lip balm, quit smoking and internally hydrate.

In addition, you can opt for lip enhancement to minimize lip lines, restore a fuller shape and youthful balance to your lips.  It is important to understand that balanced lip rejuvenation involves replenishing volume loss without overfilling without ending up with “duck lips” as well as making sure your fuller lips are in balance with the rest for your facial features.  At SkinMD Seattle, Dr. Balogun uses her detailed knowledge of complex facial anatomy and specialized injector training to design the right treatment for your individual needs.

To restore beautiful, youthful lips, let’s talk about lip rejuvenation and what techniques will work well for you. Schedule a lip rejuvenation consultation with Dr. Balogun and her team. 

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