Even Up with a groundbreaking formula...

Three weeks ago, Dr Balogun and SkinMD skin care staff spent the day with educators and color experts form Colorescience, learning more about their unique formulations that elegantly combine sun care, skin care and color to help our patients look their best as they work and play.

We were very excited to be the first to learn about "even up", Colorescience's ground breaking 3-in-1 clinical skin perfector. The first of it's kind in the clinical skin care market, Even Up combines broad spectrum SPF 50, physical sunscreen, a corrective mineral-based treatment primer to even skin tone and diffuse the appearance of skin discoloration and proprietary LUMIRA skin brightening UV Complex that targets four points in the pigmentation pathway.

What we like about even up?
Apart from the fact that it provides superior, physical sun protection for all skin types, which we LOVE!, even up feels silky and luxurious.
Zeynep combined even up with a spot of her skin bronzing primer to achieve her desired canvas. Dr. Balogun used her even up with her preferred skin mattifying primer to improve the appearance of the pigment spots on her oily skin.

We also like that even up fits seamlessly into every one's skin care routine and that it is an awesome single product that men can use to keep their skin protected.

Even up has been available to SkinMD patients since the end of February.
Be one of the first to own an even up, and watch your skin improve.

"keeping you youthful for years to come"
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